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Hansa (Arylide) yellow

Hansa (Arylide) yellow

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Hansa yellow, also known as Arylide yellow and Monoazo yellow, is a family of organic compounds used as pigments. They are primarily used as industrial colorants including plastics, building paints, and inks. They are applied in artistic oils, acrylics, and watercolors. These pigments are usually translucent and range from orange-yellow to yellow-green. Related organic pigments are diarylide pigments. Overall, these pigments have partially replaced the toxic cadmium yellow in the market. Artists such as Alexander Calder and Jackson Pollock are known to have used yellow Arylide in their work.

• Color Index: PY 65

• Light fastness: 7-8

• Suitability: Acrylic, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache

• Color: orange-yellow

• Alkali resistance: 4

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